Syncro has completed over 350 software projects, earning the trust and confidence of scores of medical manufacturers. Our wealth of experience and perspective ensures outstanding results. Period.

Syncro Medical

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Decades of Medical Experience

With more than 25 years supporting medical manufacturers, Syncro Medical thoroughly understands software regulatory requirements, process and docu­mentation for 510(k) or PMA submissions, consistent with 13485 and 62304 development processes.

Agile Practice

Syncro Medical’s Agile development practice ensures the right mix of productivity, flexibility, and quality. We have streamlined our process to effectively define and manage user stories, work closely with you on sprint planning and task burndown, and demonstrate sprint completions.

Specialized Technical Project Managers

Our Technical Project Managers are seasoned professionals in both software engineering and project management. Each of them has many years of experience assembling project teams, understanding client needs, and planning and executing medical development projects.

Experienced Technical Staff

Syncro Medical’s strongest asset is our exceptionally talented and deeply experienced engineering staff. Our typical engineer has been developing medical product software for nearly 15 years. We bring a wealth of perspective, talent and experience to every project, resulting in rapid spin-up and efficient execution.

Advanced Tools and Technology

Because Syncro engineers utilize the latest tools and technologies, the result is greater project efficiency and quality.  If you need help in selecting the optimal platform for your product, we can provide expert guidance to ensure that it’s designed for the future.