Bill Heinemann


Proving the Concept: How to Get Started Before You Start

Reading Time: 4 minutes Case Study: Proving the Concept – How to Get Started Before You Start One of the major challenges facing a company wanting to introduce an innovative new software-enabled product is how to be sure it will meet the needs of its intended users.  The more pioneering a product idea is, the fewer precedents are available to guide how it should

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“Bring Me the Right Rock” – Solving the Medical Software Requirements Challenge

Reading Time: 4 minutes Someone once told me that most software projects begin like someone asking, “Bring me a rock”.  Subsequent requests about what kind of rock, or how big, or what it’s for, are met with “Just bring me a rock, and I’ll let you know if it’s what I want”. While that may be an exaggeration, we’ve all had that feeling.  A

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