Connected Drug Delivery Device

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer made a strategic decision to move “beyond the pill”, but had no internal experience with devices and apps.  They turned to Syncro Medical to design and implement their initial combination product offering, consisting of companion apps for a new family of connected drug delivery devices.  To help their R&D team secure management approval, we first created prototypes for wireless device/app communications and for UI and workflow.

With a green light from management, Syncro Medical quickly assembled a team to implement both IOS and Android versions of the medication management app.  The app receives usage information from the BLE-enabled drug delivery device and provides real-time feedback on drug delivery quality and potential overuse plus a myriad of additional features for physician and patient support and disease management.

Some key feature of the mobile app include:

  • Refill reminders
  • Device status (connectivity and hardware status)
  • Device instructions for use
  • Drug/disease information

While the medication management app is awaiting FDA approval, Syncro Medical is currently working to extend the app for use with related medications.  The client requested native development using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

how our team helped

Prototype/Proof of Concept
UX/UI Development
Software Architecture