100% Agile Certified • Compliant with: FDA 510(k), PMA • ISO 13485, IEC 62304 • 21 CFR Part 820 • ISO 9001
100% Agile Certified • Compliant with: FDA 510(k), PMA • ISO 13485, IEC 62304 • 21 CFR Part 820 • ISO 9001

Project Portfolio

Chances are that Syncro Medical has experience in areas you find relevant.

Having completed well over 350 projects for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve worked in virtually every segment of the medical industry. In every one of the examples below, we’ve accelerated time to market for our clients’ new and enhanced products.

Learn how Syncro Medical can apply its vast experience and deep expertise to your most pressing needs.

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Industry Segment

Over our many years in the business, manufacturers of imaging systems have placed their confidence in Syncro Medical for critical elements of their product lines.  Why trust Syncro? Because of our extensive experience in virtually every aspect of imaging software.

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With roots in developing medical diagnostics dating from 1982, Syncro Medical has been the “first choice” software developer for a wide range of diagnostic instruments and systems, applying experience in user interface, imaging, robotics, embedded systems, data acquisition and mobile development. Read how companies like yours have trusted Syncro Medical to solve their most challenging development needs:

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Because of the wide variety of instruments we have worked with, manufacturers of Therapeutic and Point of Care products benefit from the wealth of perspective Syncro Medical brings to immediate engineering challenges. For your project, we’ll offer fresh ideas, fast ramp-up, and efficient execution.

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The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to move “beyond the pill”. With its unparalleled development team, Syncro Medical is uniquely qualified to help Pharma clients succeed in the emerging digital health revolution…

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Syncro Medical has been engaged to help with a wide variety of patient monitoring projects – with exceptional results.  We stand ready to put this considerable patient monitoring experience to work for you.  Check out the following examples and you’ll see why other firms have trusted Syncro to help them move ahead of their competitors.

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Mobile is the new frontier for medical instrument innovation. The FDA describes current applications as “just the tip of the iceberg in a coming revolution in mobile medical applications”. We agree, and we stand ready to help your company be a leader in the revolution.

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Cutting edge medical instrument manufacturers are uncovering the hidden value of the data collected and generated by their systems.

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Application Expertise

Whether targeting a physician, technician, or the patient, for a product to gain acceptance it requires a well-crafted user experience. The user experience must not only provide access to the device, but it must be intuitive, attractive and responsive.

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Automated, software-controlled robotics, handling of medical samples, and specialized fluidics all require a specialized set of knowledge and experience. Syncro engineers offer the ideal combination of system, software, electrical and embedded engineering expertise for these types of projects.

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Today’s medical instruments are closely integrated with external systems. Whether it’s downloading patient data from the HIS, sending test results to the LIS, or interfacing with other instruments and systems, connectivity is vital.

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Increasingly, the ability to support effective data storage and reporting is becoming a requirement for medical instruments and systems. In many cases, however, databases and reporting are not a key strength for the product manufacturer, nor does it make strategic sense to assign internal staff to this type of work.

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With the increased demand from their customers for remote access capabilities, medical product companies frequently need to develop customized Web applications. Many of these firms have turned to Syncro Medical for assistance.

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