preview-full-iStock_77475635_XLARGE-680x606Cutting edge medical instrument manufacturers are uncovering the hidden value of the data collected and generated by their systems. With Syncro Medical’s help, they’re using this data to:

  • Support patient outcomes research
  • Better understand actual patient usage patterns
  • Facilitate preventive system maintenance

Our specialists are ready to discuss your data analytics goals and make them a reality. Having provided this service for several clients, Syncro Medical will help you define requirements, rapidly prototype a proof of concept, and determine feasibility of various approaches to server and cloud-based data storage, management, and analysis. 

Recent Projects:

Patient Therapy Outcomes Registry

Syncro Medical has worked with this company over many years developing the software for their medical instrument used for treatment of a chronic condition. Having installed several hundred systems, the company saw a need to collect and aggregate data in order to facilitate evidence-based assessment of outcomes and best practices. Syncro Medical designed and implemented a secure mechanism to collect and transmit anonymized and encrypted patient treatment and outcomes data to a central, cloud-based database. The application also provides an interface to statistical data analysis software. Physicians and clinics will now be able to analyze their own results, as well as compare their patient outcomes with other users of this medical instrument.

Instrument Utilization and Performance Analytics

This analytic system is focused on collecting and analyzing log data from thousands of installed and operational instruments used in cardiac care. The analytic system, developed by our medical software engineering team for this instrument manufacturer, collects instrument data via log files, which are imported into a centralized database. Using a browser-based interface, authorized users can view summary data, and drill down to investigate specific events across installations, or events on a specific system. Users can also easily build and display custom queries. Using this new analytic system, our client can now evaluate the ways their product is used across various geographical regions. Instrument details can be remotely diagnosed, thereby averting system issues and downtime.

Patient Usage Data

Syncro Medical created a mobile medical app that will help patients monitor their usage patterns for a hand-held therapeutic device, thereby facilitating improved disease management. Patient usage data is stored in a secure commercial cloud database so that both the patient and their caregiver can access information using authorized mobile devices. The company can currently use this anonymized, aggregated data to learn more about usage patterns, determine sub-optimal usage, etc. The system has been designed to accommodate future plans which include adding a patient-coaching feature, and supplementing usage data with self-assessment information as well as externally-sourced environmental data to facilitate a more complete assessment of treatment and outcomes.

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