SyncroNetworkedToday’s medical instruments are closely integrated with external systems. Whether it’s downloading patient data from the HIS, sending test results to the LIS, or interfacing with other instruments and systems, connectivity is vital.

However, for many medical product firms, connectivity is not a key competency.  In fact, diverting internal resources away from core technologies in order to handle connectivity issues may not be an ideal choice.  That’s where Syncro fits in.

We know communication protocols. We can work from an industry standard or your proprietary interface, or even reverse engineer an existing protocol.  By engaging Syncro to handle your communications and connectivity needs, you can take advantage of our experience with:

  • Implementing a wide range of protocols, including HL7, POCT, ASTM/LIS, and proprietary
  • DICOM/PACS integration
  • LIS and HIS integration
  • Integration Engine Interfaces, providing flexible inter-system connectivity
  • Custom Integration
  • Sockets and other IP-based protocols
  • Enterprise data workflow
  • Server- and web-based development

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