Automated, software-controlled robotics, handling of medical samples, and specialized fluidics all require a specialized set of knowledge and experience. Syncro engineers offer the ideal combination of system, software, electrical and embedded engineering expertise for these types of projects.

Since many of our engineers have an Electrical Engineering background, they understand the intersection of hardware and software. This ensures efficiency in design, analysis and troubleshooting during the development process. Syncro engineers understand the complex issues involved in physical robotic control and clearances, and the many aspects of sophisticated control of fluidic systems.

  • Automated Sample Handling: microplates, test tubes, slides
  • Bar Code, RFID Systems
  • Fluidics: pipetting, dispensing, measurement
  • Motor Control: stepper, servo
  • Small Mechanism Control: control algorithms, PID
  • Scheduling and Optimization
  • SCARA Robots

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