Whether targeting a physician, technician, or the patient, a well-crafted user experience is essential to the commercial success of your medical product. The user experience must be intuitive, attractive and responsive. For many companies, an excellent UI is the defining advantage over competitive products. Tap into Syncro Medical’s industry-leading capabilities and decades of UI experience to ensure that your product is superior to others on the market.

The user interface continues to get great reviews from our investors and the testing we’ve been doing with users …

For the UI, it feels like we’re coming into the home stretch and the results are looking great. I appreciate not only the speed and quality of the execution but the smart set of eyes on the work catching things that we may have missed.”


Over the course of the project we expanded scope several times as we came to deeply appreciate and respect the talented people in their organization. We had a vision for how we wanted our product to look and perform, and Syncro has helped us translate that vision into an exceptional product that will differentiate us in the market.”

Recent Projects:

Cardiac Monitor UI Redesign

Starting with this company’s operational prototype, Syncro was engaged to design and implement a commercial-quality UI and workflow. Because graphical data visualization is central to the purpose of this innovative cardiac monitoring system, UI was a critical component of the development.  The Syncro Medical software development team implemented several operational improvements as well as a complete UI overhaul which greatly improved the appearance and usefulness of the product’s user interface. [Android/Java]

Intraoperative System UI Port and Redesign

In order to ready this company’s product for general market release, Syncro Medical was engaged to transition its existing Mac OS application to a Windows platform. In the process, Syncro designed and implemented a user interface with significantly improved graphical appearance and information content. The new UI for this intraoperative product (used to ensure correct placement of implantable devices), has been praised by surgeons for its smooth workflow within the operating room. [Windows/WPF]

Lab Cytogenetic Viewer

This browser-based application is used by pathologists to review results of patient samples after molecular imaging. The UI/UX supports accurate image rendering, coupled with tools for fast and efficient highlighting and filtering of results. Doctors and technicians appreciated the ability to quickly view and manipulate these very data-intensive images. [HTML5]

Patient-targeted Mobile Medical App

For its first foray into mobile medical apps, this major pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged Syncro Medical.  The project began with a proof of concept stage in which various graphic and workflow options were evaluated.  Syncro’s engagement was then extended to provide full development for this client’s patient-oriented mobile medical application. Based on a Bluetooth connection to a drug delivery device, it provides the patient with usage data, coaching, suggestions, and other information through a very comfortable, easily understood user interface. [iOS/Swift, Android/Java]


Cath Lab Visualization UI

Syncro Medical is developing a complete UI refresh for the next generation of this client’s product.  This instrument is used during cardiac catheterization procedures to visualize vascular conditions through sophisticated image capture, analysis and rendering. The new UI incorporates a more modern look & feel plus many improvements to workflow based on user feedback over several years of use. The interface features a high-resolution image display coupled with easy-to-use navigation and annotation tools. [iOS/Xamarin]

Blood Analyzer UI

This start-up company engaged the Syncro Medical software engineering firm to design and implement the UI/UX software that controls their innovative, portable blood analysis system. Ease of use and intuitive results display were critical to the success of this product. Syncro worked closely with our client and a graphics design firm to realize the company’s product vision. The UI is geared toward less technical users, smoothly guiding them through the sequence of steps needed to perform the sample analysis. The test results effectively combine numerical and graphical information to give a quick at-a-glance summary of patient health. [Windows/WPF]

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