Over our many years in the business, manufacturers of imaging systems have placed their confidence in Syncro Medical for critical elements of their product lines.  Why trust Syncro? Because of our extensive experience in virtually every aspect of imaging software.  Aspects that include:

  • Visible light, ultrasound, fluorescence, other imaging modes
  • High Performance, real-time image capture
  • Sophisticated image processing and analysis
  • Display and management of high-resolution images
  • DICOM archiving and PACS integration

In 2003, my division made a strategic decision to use Syncro Medical as our sole software development partner. We work with Syncro to develop software system architectures and specifications, and then Syncro engineers complete the development. Syncro is an excellent partner because, in addition to their architectural and implementation capabilities, they also have developed deep domain knowledge specific to our application. I appreciate the way Syncro manages project communications with us. They keep us well informed but do not overuse our management bandwidth.  Their senior team truly cares about the success of our products, and they regularly check-in to make sure that their work is meeting my needs.”

Recent Projects:

Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging System

It’s not an uncommon situation: a client needs to accelerate a project to respond to market factors.  Several years ago, a large, multinational firm leveraged Syncro Medical to accelerate the development of their next-generation product line. We pulled out all the stops to meet the ambitious deadline. Syncro quickly assembled a team to create the software archi­tecture and design the user interface for a completely new system. The work included real-time data acquisition, high-performance image processing and rendering, and DICOM archiving and viewing.  The project was completed on time, and due in part to the quality of the software and documentation, received prompt regulatory approval.  The next-generation system met with great success in the marketplace.

Because of the success of the initial project, this client has retained Syncro Medical to support all of their software needs, including transitioning to a browser-based UI.

Digital Pathology Imaging System

A startup firm with minimal staff resources engaged Syncro Medical to provide full software develop­ment support for an advanced, high-resolution digital pathology imaging system. Syncro engineers helped establish the software development process, and then developed the overall software architecture, user interaction, high-level system control, system connectivity, and fully automated robotic slide handling.

Hematology Imaging Instrument

Syncro’s roots date back to the development of one of the first automated hematology instruments in the early 1980’s.  Much more recently, Syncro Medical engineers were trusted to design and develop a connectivity infrastructure for several LIS and HIS protocols.  We also developed the user interfaces for system configurations and implemented sophisticated report generation capability for this new point-of-care hematology diagnostic instrument.

Production Image Analysis and Review System

A large corporation engaged Syncro Medical to develop a software platform for multiplexed fluorescence-based imaging. This system — which supports pathologists, lab technicians and researchers — consists of a set of integrated software applications using a sophisticated multi-thread image processor that handle imaging, analysis, data management, workflow, test results reporting and user inter­face. Based on the success of this project, Syncro was asked to help with other software engineering challenges within the division.

Browser-based Imaging Viewer

This specialized web application designed and developed by Syncro Medical allows a pathologist to review and categorize images captured through a fluorescent imaging process.  The images are part of a larger workflow automation system for cytogenetic testing.

Laser Tissue Analysis Instrument

A startup company with strong funding but no internal software group, entrusted Syncro to provide full software engineering for their new product — a laser spectroscopic imaging instrument used to detect the presence of vulnerable plaque in coronary arteries.

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