Fully Connected Healthcare Software

Medical Device Connectivity & Communication Software Development

Today’s medical instruments are closely integrated with external systems. Whether it’s downloading patient data from the HIS, sending test results to the LIS, or interfacing with other instruments, systems, or wearables, connectivity software is vital.

However, for many medical product manufacturers, connected healthcare is not a key competency for their internal staff. In fact, diverting internal resources away from core technologies in order to handle connectivity issues may not be an ideal choice. That’s where Syncro Medical fits in.

We know communication protocols. We can work from an industry standard or your proprietary interface. View some of the medical device connectivity software we worked on. By engaging Syncro Medical to handle your communications and medical device connectivity software needs, you can take advantage of our experience with:

Implementing wireless communication with wearables, implantables, or other devices (Bluetooth Classic, BLE, RF, WiFi)
Implementing a wide range of protocols, including HL7, ASTM (CLSI LIS01-A2 and LIS02-A2), POCT, and proprietary
HIS and LIS integration
Middleware/Integration Engine Interfaces, providing flexible inter-system connectivity
Custom integration, for example with enterprise data workflow servers
DICOM/PACS integration

LIS Integration

There are two primary network protocols for laboratory/diagnostic instruments – HL7 and ASTM. Our LIS experts will handle your entire LIS integration effort – from writing the message specification through to LIS implementation and testing.

Custom Integration or Middleware?

Syncro Medical can help you make the choice between custom integration (for example, developing ASTM or HL7 software specifically for your laboratory instrument), or making use of licensed middleware (integration engine) for your application. If you’re using middleware, Syncro Medical will design a protocol-neutral message to be transmitted to the middleware which would then customize the message for the target Lab LIS Host. 

Testing – the Critical Element

Since your instrument will have to interface with a variety of LIS host systems when introduced to the market, its LIS interface will need to be thoroughly tested in advance. To accomplish this efficiently, we’ll create an LIS Host Simulator or use a simulation tool such as Mirth Connect to support testing. Using a Simulator, we’ll test every aspect of your LIS interface in order ensure flawless operation in the field.  If needed, we can perform NPV (non-product validation) for the simulator.

DICOM/PACS Integration

Syncro Medical offers extensive experience with DICOM and PACS Integration.  If the images produced by your system need to conform to the DICOM standard in order to facilitate sharing between hospital systems and physicians, we can help you determine the appropriate DICOM SOPs and modality types to be used, and then we’ll handle the implementation. If needed, we’ll ensure that your DICOM implementation will support multiple modalities to accommodate varying archiving requirements in the field.  Syncro Medical will handle your archiving interface needs, including Part 10 media (CD/DVD) and PACS integration.