Database & Reporting

Providing the Data Foundation for Medical Data Analytics

As the use of medical data analytics expands, the ability to support effective data storage and reporting is becoming a requirement for medical instruments and systems.  We recognize that data storage and reporting are often not a key strength for a product manufacturer.

Whether your requirement is proprietary or requires healthcare analytics software integration, Syncro Medical has database experts on staff who are fully-versed in the issues and solutions for database/reporting needs.

Your product may depend on XML data storage, or have the scope and complexity that requires SQL. It may require cloud sharing, or need a fully re-entrant proprietary database. Whatever your design, Syncro has architecture and implementation experience that will meet the medical data analytics needs of your product and your customers:

Patient treatment planning and results
Full image storage and review management
Real-time patient monitoring
Analytical instrument sample testing results
Server, workstation, instrument-based or in-memory databases
Mobile device software for access and cloud forwarding
Cloud storage and retrieval
Fully re-entrant MRS (Multiple Review Station) model

Latest Database & Reporting Projects