Medical Devices Embedded Software Development

Deterministic Embedded Applications for Acquisition & Control

Embedded software development for resource-constrained, high-performance target environments is a highly specialized skill. Syncro Medical’s embedded software engineering team offers decades of experience designing and developing deterministic embedded applications.

Our engineering lab is equipped with the simulators, scopes, and other debugging tools required to efficiently move real-time embedded development forward. We’re ready to take on your most challenging embedded software development project, whether it be for robotics, monitoring, control, data acquisition, or IoT.

Embedded/Real-time Environments and Tools:

C/C++, Java, C#/.NET CF, Python
Custom or commercial embedded CPUs (Atmel ATmega family, SAML21, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, ARM Cortex family, ESP8266, Tensilica Extensa, Arduino//TinyDuino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, BlueGiga BLE 112, TI OMAP, Coldfire, DSPs, microcontrollers and legacy processors)
Real-time and Embedded Operating Systems (including ThreadX, Integrity, Linux, RTOS32, CE, .NET CF, Windows Embedded, VxWorks, Nucleus, pSOS, QNX, Keil, custom kernels) and IDEs (Eclipse, MULTI, Seehau, IAR Embedded Workbench, Android, IOS, various IDEs, ARM, Keil uVision)
PEG, proprietary graphics libraries
Related Technologies, BLE, Nordic NRF52 family, WiFi 802.x