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IoMT | IoT Medical Devices and Software Development from Syncro Medical

IoT Medical Devices

An Explosive New Sector Revolutionizing Virtually Every Area of Patient Care

IoMT or mIoT?

Regardless of how you abbreviate it, Medical Internet of Things is a new and exciting area as IoT in healthcare expands, and Syncro addresses this challenge with years of relevant experience.  We partner with our clients as they leverage IoT in healthcare to move from providing medical devices to providing care and disease management. Patients and providers alike are experiencing improved outcomes, often with a lower cost of care. IoMT is here to stay.

Today’s IoT Medical Device includes not only laboratory and treatment devices but also handhelds and implantables that bring personal medical care directly to the individual patient.

Medical IoT Expertise 

Syncro Medical formed its Medical IoT development group in 2015 and has been steadily creating products used for drug delivery, monitoring, therapy management, patient care, disease management, and medical procedures.

Drawing on many years in embedded development, we have been virtually developing IoT since before the term was formally used. By working at the leading edge of low power processing and SoC architectures, we are uniquely able to apply our experience to the emerging IoT Medical Device world.

Experienced in Medical IoT

Whether it’s a “wearable” or a pocket device for treatment or diagnostics, Syncro Medical’s communication group approaches IoT in healthcare with deep experience.  If your product requires securely connecting an IoT Medical Device to a network for data presentation, cloud storage, authentication, or Big Data analysis, we are fully equipped with the software and hardware tools required to make your product a reality.

Medical Internet of Things product opportunities expand almost daily – let us help you get ahead of your competition.

Environments & Technologies

Atmel ATmega family, SAML21, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, ARM Cortex family, ESP8266, Tensilica Extensa, Arduino/TinyDuino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, BlueGiga BLE112, TI OMAP
Windows IoT (Core, Mobile Enterprise, Enterprise), Linux (Gentoo, Debian, Raspbian, Ubuntu, Fedora), Android, IOS, various IDEs, ARM, Keil uVision
Related Technologies: Bluetooth, BLE, Nordic NRF52 family, WiFi 802.x, Mobile 3GPP/LTE
Cloud Services: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce