Mobile Medical App Development

Expert Development of FDA-Compliant Software for Mobile Medical Apps

Mobile is the new frontier for medical instrument innovation. The FDA describes current applications as “just the tip of the iceberg in a coming revolution in mobile medical applications.” We agree, and we stand ready to help your company be a leader in this revolution.

Mobile medical apps are often more than just an “app” – increasingly they involve sophisticated interaction with the user, wireless connection with one or more medical devices, and some form of cloud-based data management. Syncro Medical brings strong mobile app development experience in all of these areas.

Expertise in Mobile Development AND Experience with FDA Compliant Process

As medical product manufacturers discover the added value of companion mobile medical apps, demand for skilled mobile medical app developers is outstripping supply. Startup firms abound that claim to have mobile app development experience. But most of these firms have no credible experience with regulatory or quality processes.

Given our extensive history of developing FDA-compliant software for medical instruments, Syncro Medical is one of very few firms offering the critical combination of expertise needed for your mobile medical project. We’re experts in mobile development and we’re deeply experienced with the regulatory-compliant development process (that is, conforming to FDA Guidance on Mobile Medical Applications, and ISO 13485 software standards).

Need help getting your medical mobile initiative off the ground?

Often getting started is the most challenging aspect of a new initiative. We’ll help you get things off the ground quickly. Need a demo app to show target users or senior management how the app would work? No problem. We’ll quickly develop a prototype to simulate the key functions of your new mobile medical app. Are there unanswered technical questions? We’ll do technical prototyping and design a proof-of-concept to show how these hurdles can be overcome. Take a look at projects we’ve worked on.

Mobile App Implementation

We’re ready when you are. Our experienced medical and pharma digtal health mobile app development team will be quickly deployed to make your medical app concept a reality. If you’re not sure whether to target iOS or Android or both, we’ll help you with that decision. Our development team has plenty of experience with both native and cross-platform development, and the associated trade-offs.

Once these preliminary decisions are made, your team of Syncro Medical mobile medical app developers will mobilize to implement your mobile app.  Under your vision and guidance, we offer the following services:


Develop an intuitive workflow and a compelling look & feel

Connection to the Cloud & Other External Systems

Implement interfaces between your app and the outside world

App Architecture, Implementation & Testing

Complete all phases of development, including thorough testing