Medical Robotics Software

Precision Mechanical Motion/Sensing & Fluidics Control

At Syncro, medical robotics is a specialized area of embedded development. Surgical systems, vision-controlled robotics, medical sample handling, and specialized fluidics all require a unique set of knowledge and experience. The robotics engineers at Syncro Medical offer the ideal combination of system, software, electronics, and embedded engineering expertise for these types of projects.

Our medical robotics group includes embedded developers with graduate computer science and EE degrees.  Experience is deep: whether handling precision movement at the micron level, multi-axis movement optimization, or designing custom calibration algorithms, Syncro brings an unequalled set of robotics skills. Our skills have been honed on many dozens of projects in a wide range of automation applications, and are supplemented by doctoral level research experience in tele-operated surgical system and robotic tactile feedback.

This ensures efficiency in design, analysis, and troubleshooting for medical device software development. Syncro Medical engineers and scientists understand the complex issues involved in all types of physical robotic control systems and the many aspects of sophisticated control required for fluidic and dispensing systems.

Wide Range of Robotics Software Expertise

Motor Control: Precision Sub-degree Steppers
Nano-positioning Piezo Stage Control
Fluidics: Pipetting, Dispensing, Measurement
Bar Code, RFID Systems
Robotic Tactile Feedback
Tele-operated Surgical Systems
Smart Device/Smart Therapy Systems
Wide Range of Sensors and Actuators
Automated Sample Handling: Microplates, Test tubes, Slides
Ultra-precision Servo Motor Control
PID, Adaptive, and Other Control Algorithms
Scheduling and Optimization Algorithms
SCARA Robots
Vision Integration – Coordinate Transformation Systems
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