Medical Device UI and UX Design

Design and Development of User Interface and Total User Experience

Whether targeting a physician, technician, or the patient, a well-crafted UI and UX design is essential to the commercial success of your medical product. The user experience must be intuitive, attractive, and responsive. For many companies, an excellent UI is the defining advantage over competitive products. Tap into Syncro Medical’s industry-leading capabilities and decades of UI experience to ensure that your product is superior to others on the market.

Take a look at our recent medical UI UX designs and implementation work. You’ll see that we’ve designed UIs for entirely new applications, performed overhauls of older UIs, and fine-tuned existing UIs. We even make medical device prototyping and development for UI UX.

Syncro Medical’s UI Development Services span the spectrum of medical applications and target platforms — touch, keyboard/mouse, kiosk, smartphones, tablets, and web. Depending on your particular project needs, we can apply a wide range of tools and approaches. Contact us for more information about your UI and UX design project.

Our Approach to UI/UX Design

Requirements & Workflow

Using mockups, wireframes, iterative prototypes, user stories and use cases, Syncro will help you quickly define optimal workflow, and screen layout. Using our rapid prototyping process, we can help you avoid costly changes later in the development cycle.

Graphic Design

With our flexible approach, you can use your own graphical design, have us create one for you, or work with one of our partner firms that specialize in industrial design. Whatever approach you choose, we’ll ensure that your medical UI design for your application reflects the latest standards and expectations for user interaction.


Syncro Medical will architect your medical software using best practice design patterns to separate the presentation layer from the rest of the application. As a result, subsequent changes can be made to one layer with minimal impact on the other. Our architecture will ensure fast response time in order to maximize end-user acceptance.


Syncro effectively incorporates Agile methodology into our development projects, which ensures that you receive the current in-progress UI and underlying software on a regular basis, usually every three weeks. You and your key stakeholders can review the UI/UX as it evolves, requesting changes as needed long before the product is released.


To support your global markets, Syncro designs all user interfaces with locale settings and separate resource files for ease of translation into other languages. We can also work with you to integrate and test your international product versions.


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