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Medical Device Prototyping & Prototype Development | Syncro Medical

Medical Device Prototyping

Technical and UX prototyping to accelerate your R&D effort. Rapid creation of Proof-of-Concept applications for investors and other stakeholders

Product innovation requires experimentation and feedback. Syncro Medical supports this crucial R&D need via its Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept services. For example, if you need to assess new technology and determine its viability for your product, have Syncro Medical handle the technical medical device prototyping and analysis.

Is a Proof of Concept required in order to test the viability of a new product concept with potential users, or to demonstrate to investors? Ask Syncro Medical to quickly create an affordable Proof-of-Concept application.

Medical Device Prototyping

Research has shown that prototyping can help speed up the early stages of product development. It also helps ensure a successful outcome for your product’s user interaction and technical performance. Syncro Medical can help with both forms of prototyping.

  • User Interaction (UX) Prototyping helps finalize the desired user workflow, arrangement of on-screen features, and graphical style through a series of rapid iterations.
  • Technical Prototyping for a new medical device is essential early on in a project, where Syncro engineers use simulation and quickly-written modeling code to evaluate performance, target environments, and interfaces. Technical prototyping can be useful to explore new or innovative hardware or algorithm options.

Proof-of-Concept Software Development

As leaders in their product segments, our clients are continuously pushing the envelope with new technologies and approaches. Far better than a written description or wireframes, a Proof-of-Concept is the best way to test the waters with potential users for a new product concept. By simulating actual screens, the Proof of Concept facilitates real-world interaction and engagement for prospective users. Early-stage companies also appreciate the secondary benefit of being able to demonstrate the product concept to investors.

Syncro Medical draws on its broad experience to support such product innovation – helping to leapfrog your product ahead of the competition. Let’s discuss your Proof-of-Concept needs. We’ll determine how we can turn your product ideas into working models quickly and affordably.

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