Rescue Projects

Is your current project flailing? Syncro Medical brings quick, decisive, methodical intervention to drive your at-risk project to successful completion.

The symptoms of a Rescue Project vary: it’s perpetually behind schedule, key components don’t function as required, the defect list doesn’t diminish, the application is unable to scale-up. Despite continued investment in the project, there’s no end in sight. These projects require a rescue – quick, decisive, methodical intervention – in order to regain control.

Having rescued many flagging projects for clients large and small, Syncro Medical has refined a process to rapidly diagnose the underlying problems and formulate a plan of action to ensure a successful outcome. If one of your projects is showing warning signs, give us a call. After a comprehensive, no-cost analysis, we’ll provide you an honest appraisal of the situation and detail what’s required to stabilize the project, turn it around, and bring it to successful completion.