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Testing and QA | Syncro Medical

Medical Device Software Testing & QA

Our promise of quality assures thorough testing and strict adherence to your selected Quality System

Syncro takes quality very seriously.  We’re software craftsmen – attention to quality is part of our culture, and embedded in every aspect of how we deliver our services. Here’s how we build quality into your software from the very beginning.

Independent QA Resources

Syncro Medical’s QA Department consists of several experienced software Quality Assurance engineers. The QA Engineers assigned to your project become an integral part of the development team, providing independent testing and verification of your product as the code is being implemented.

Architecture Best Practices

At the early stages of the project, Syncro Medical ensures that the architecture of your new product supports testability. For example, we’ll use an N-Tier architecture to decouple and abstract our functionality. Or, we’ll incorporate design patterns, such as MVVM to further separate the presentation from the domain logic and allow for more thorough medical device software testing.

Leveraging Agile to Ensure Quality

Each sprint cycle gives our QA team and our client the opportunity to run, inspect, and test the code throughout the development process. This client feedback cycle complements Syncro Medical’s testing effort, and thereby helps ensure compliance and correctness of the software.

Using the Latest Tools

Syncro uses the best tools on the market to support the QA mission. For example, we currently use YouTrack, Jira, or TFS for defect tracking, UpSource for code reviews, and Resharper for code style adherence. TeamCity is used for continuous build, integration, and test automation. With each commit of code to the repository, TeamCity automatically initiates a clean build of the application and executes our thorough unit tests.

Quality System – Adaptability is Key

Our clients have a number of Quality System options:

  • Use Syncro Medical’s ISO 13485/9001 Certified Quality System, which is specifically focused on medical device development
  • Use your own Quality System
  • Use a hybrid of yours and ours

The bottom line is that we’re very flexible, and will adapt as needed to suit your specific needs.

Once the Quality System is determined, Syncro Medical closely adheres to the defined development process.  No exceptions.

Your Syncro Medical development team understands the critical importance of software quality assurance.  Attention to quality is integrated into every aspect of our development process – including project staffing, architecting for testability, adherence to standards, and thorough medical device software testing.

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