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Data Analytics | Syncro Medical

Medical Data Analytics

Software for analyzing clinical and operational data

Cutting edge medical instrument manufacturers are uncovering the hidden value of the data collected and generated by their systems. With Syncro Medical’s help, they’re using this data to gain new insights, both Clinical and Operational. Clinical healthcare analytics focus primarily on the patient, for example patient outcomes or medication/ device compliance. Operational medical device analytics focus on the instrument itself, for example feature usage patterns, failure modes, or preventive maintenance cycles.

Our specialists are ready to discuss your medical data analytics goals and make them a reality. Based on our experience providing this service for several clients, Syncro Medical will help you define requirements, rapidly prototype a proof of concept, and determine feasibility of various approaches to server and cloud-based data storage, management, and analysis.

Our Approach to Data Analytics

Data Collection

The data analytics path begins with secure data collection. Syncro Medical will work with you to architect and design a process to collect required information from your medical devices in the field. We’ll handle anonymization and encryption of patient or other protected data. Whether data is to be stored in the Cloud or on a proprietary server, we’ll design a data collection and transfer process that’s efficient, cyber-secure, and reliable.

Data Aggregation

Once data is on the server, we’ll design a web service to aggregate and store it for subsequent medical data analytics. We’ll help you develop a data schema to support traceability back to the source. The schema will also support multiple levels of aggregation for either clinical healthcare analytics or medical device analytics.

Data Access & Analytics

Now that the database is in place, you can leverage Syncro Medical’s expertise with data processing and analysis. We’ll help you develop a user hierarchy, so users can view information only at certain authorized levels. For example, clinical outcomes can be assessed for selected HCPs, or perhaps across commonly-owned practices. Similarly, device analytics could be performed within a single site, or across your entire installed base.

We’ll implement your choice of tools for medical data analytics.  If your preferred approach is to make use of existing statistical analysis software tools, we’ll write the needed interfaces to these commercially available products.  Alternatively, Syncro Medical can write standard reports, or develop a custom browser-based or other interface to allow you and your end users to drill down into the data or run custom queries.

If the roadmap for your medical instrument includes clinical healthcare analytics or operational medical device analytics, give us a call. Benefit from our many years of experience providing this capability for a wide range of medical instrument manufacturers.

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