Medical Diagnostics Software

Software Development to Accelerate Time to Market for your Medical Device

The global life sciences/diagnostic instrumentation market is estimated to be $55 Billion today, and continues to grow at a rapid clip, according to Business Wire.  The growth of this market is driven largely by increasing spending on pharmaceutical R&D for a growing number of research studies related to drug discovery and development.  The increasing demand for diagnostic instruments is also associated with the rising prevalence of target diseases and testing procedures related to these conditions.

In order to thrive in this fiercely competitive market, instrument manufacturers have to be at the forefront of technological advancements. To remain viable, their diagnostic instruments must meet the demand for quicker and more accurate results.

That’s where Syncro Medical fits in. Successful medical diagnostic equipment manufacturers have leveraged our decades of experience to accelerate the design and implementation of the software component of their new or enhanced instruments.

Knowledge, Speed, Craftsmanship

During our nearly 30 years in this business, Syncro Medical has worked on a wide variety of life sciences/ diagnostic instruments including spectroscopy, chromatography, PCR, immunoassay, clinical chemistry, microscopy, flow cytometry, next-generation sequencing, cell counting and more.  Because our software engineering staff is comprised of seasoned engineers, development efficiency goes hand-in-hand with quality results.  In fact, our clients think of our engineers as craftsmen.  Guided by your specific needs, we’ll quickly form and mobilize an expert engineering team to bring your new product to life.

Targeted Engineering Support

Most of our clients have an internal engineering staff. However, in many cases aggressive product deadlines simply can’t be met with existing resources. So, it’s very common for Syncro Medical to be brought in to take on targeted components of the product roadmap in order to meet the development schedule.