100% Agile Certified • Compliant with: FDA 510(k), PMA • ISO 13485, IEC 62304 • 21 CFR Part 820 • ISO 9001
100% Agile Certified • Compliant with: FDA 510(k), PMA • ISO 13485, IEC 62304 • 21 CFR Part 820 • ISO 9001

Project Portfolio

Syncro Medical works in virtually all segments of the medical industry. In every one of our projects, we accelerate time-to-market for our clients’ new and enhanced products.

Imaging Systems

Over our many years in the medical software development business, manufacturers of imaging systems have placed their confidence in Syncro Medical for critical…

Imaging Systems >>>

Diagnostic Instruments

With roots in developing medical diagnostics dating from 1982, Syncro Medical has been the “first choice” software developer for a wide range of diagnostic instruments…

Diagnostic Instruments >>>

Surgical & Therapeutic Devices

Because of the wide variety of medical instruments we have worked with, manufacturers of Surgical and Therapeutic products benefit from the…

Surgical & Therapeutic Devices >>>

Pharma – Digital Health

The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to move “beyond the pill”. With its unparalleled development team, Syncro Medical is uniquely qualified to help Pharma clients succeed in the emerging digital health revolution…

Pharma – Digital Health >>>

Patient Monitoring Systems

Syncro Medical is the preferred medical software engineering company to handle a wide variety of patient monitoring projects – with exceptional results…

Patient Monitoring Systems >>>

Mobile Medical Apps

Mobile medical apps are the new frontier for medical instrument innovation. The FDA describes current apps as “just the tip of the iceberg in a coming revolution in mobile medical…

Mobile Medical App Development >>>

Data Analytics

Cutting edge medical instrument manufacturers are uncovering the hidden value of the data collected and generated by their systems. With Syncro Medical’s help, they’re using this data to…

Data Analytics >>>

About Us

Syncro’s roots date back over 30 years, when its predecessor company was founded. As a first step into medical software back in the 1980s, one of our earliest projects was software for a blood cell analyzer. Since then, Syncro has been leading the medical software development industry through innovation.

More About Syncro Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Syncro build a prototype or help with a proof of concept?

Absolutely. It’s very common for us to be brought in for early concept-stage work.

We have in-house resources. Can Syncro fill gaps for specific roles or parts of a project?

Most of our clients have in-house SW engineers.  Here’s how these clients utilize Syncro Medical:

  • For modules or features that their internal staff just can’t get to … or don’t have the appropriate skill set for.
  • For work on a new product while in-house staff wraps up development on the existing product line. Or vice versa.
  • For non-core modules of the software, so that in-house engineers can focus on the key, proprietary components.

How involved will I need to be throughout the development process?

One of the reasons you’ll engage Syncro Medical, is to be able to leverage your time, and that of your internal staff. Therefore, we work hard to strike an optimal balance between keeping you well informed, and not requiring too much of your time on day-to-day issues. What works best in terms of client involvement, is to have someone assigned with sufficient time available to review progress, and to promptly answer and decide technical and project questions.

How many team members can I expect to be dedicated to my project?

There are two questions buried in here.

The number of engineers assigned to your project depends on the size and complexity of the effort. We’re very careful not to over-staff projects, which can often result in inefficiency.

With respect to “dedication” – all of the project engineers assigned to your program will be 100% dedicated to just your project. They will have no other distractions.

We have an on-site project, can Syncro work at our location?

We understand that in some unusual situations, it’s imperative that the engineering team be at your site for the entire project. If that’s the case, Syncro Medical probably can’t meet your needs.

However here’s how we address the very legitimate need for on-site presence:

  • For every project, we’ll spend the needed amount of time at your site. Most often, this occurs during the ramp-up stage, and again during final testing/hand-off.
  • Using our A.D. approach, we’ll minimize the amount of travel by using readily available tools to connect with your on-site hardware for development and testing

Does Syncro provide a dedicated project manager or will I work directly with a team of developers?

Your team will include a Technical Project Manager (TPM). Syncro Medical’s TPMs are among our most senior staff members. The TPM will be your primary (but not exclusive) point of contact during the project. For efficiency, we encourage direct engineer-to-engineer contact when needed to answer questions, resolve technical issues, etc.

Syncro raises the bar for medical software engineering.

% Client Satisfaction

Why Choose Us?


With more than 25 years supporting medical manufacturers, Syncro Medical thoroughly understands software regulatory requirements, process and docu­mentation for 510(k) or PMA submissions, consistent with 13485 and 62304 development processes.


Syncro Medical’s 100% Agile Certified development practice ensures the right mix of productivity, flexibility, and quality. We have streamlined our process to effectively define and manage user stories, work closely with you on sprint planning and task burndown, and demonstrate sprint completions.


Our Agile Certified Technical Project Managers are seasoned professionals in both software engineering and project management. Each of them has many years of experience assembling project teams, understanding client needs, and planning and executing medical development projects.


Here’s what clients say about Syncro Medical software development

In 2003, my division made a strategic decision to use Syncro Medical as our sole software development partner.
Tom Director, Imaging R&D – Boston Scientific Limited
Syncro Medical has been a valued partner to Neuronetics practically since our founding.
Mark Vice President – Neuronetics, Inc.
We have used Syncro Medical for over 15 years and have consistently been very satisfied with their work.
JimVice President – Mindray North America
As a start-up with an aggressive timeline for product introduction, we were looking for a firm that we could trust to deliver quality results and meet our deadlines.
NorrisDirector – GeneWeave Biosciences