Ideation & RAPID Development

of Prototypes
for Your Software-Enabled Device

Effective product innovation requires iterative development and feedback. Using application-based prototypes, it’s possible to quickly explore various options and more thoroughly vet requirements prior to starting implementation. Syncro Medical supports this crucial R&D need via its Prototyping services.

Research has shown that prototyping can help speed up product development. Prototyping confirms the user’s workflow, verifies operation, and allows for market feedback to solidify product specifications. It also helps ensure a successful outcome for your product’s user interaction and technical performance.

With decades of experience developing complex software in heavily regulated industries, we lead our clients through a refined ideation process that leverages the insights, experiences, and ideas of all critical stakeholders.

Bring us your most difficult product development challenges that will engage our passionate and uncommonly gifted team of developers. We’ll respond with a wealth of experience and a perspective that ensures outstanding results.


Key outcomes of this type of prototyping include: identifying key requirements, determining design & architecture, selecting the optimal digital platform, and establishing DevOps needs.


The Interactive prototype helps to finalize the desired user workflow, the arrangement of user interface features, and the visual style through a series of rapid iterations and interactive wireframes.


The Technical prototype uses simulation and modeling to evaluate performance, target environments, and interfaces. Technical prototyping can be useful in exploring new and innovative hardware or algorithm options.