CERTIFIED: ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | ISO 27001
CERTIFIED: ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | ISO 27001



Syncro Medical plays a critical supporting role for leading manufacturers of imaging systems. By designing and developing the underlying medical imaging software for these systems, we help speed time-to-market and break R&D bottlenecks.

We Design & Develop the Underlying Medical Imaging Software

for the Leading Device Manufacturers

Innovation is at the core of the imaging systems segment of the medical industry. Each year, advances in medical image processing enhance the ability to see inside the human body in order to diagnose and treat disease. These imaging system innovations continue to improve diagnostics in two important ways: accuracy and speed.

Regardless of the specific imaging modality used in your product (visible light, ultrasound, fluorescence, etc.), count on Syncro Medical to develop the software needed for each component of the process:

High Performance, Real-Time Image Capture

Speed is now the critical differentiator. Syncro Medical has extensive experience in quickly capturing digital images from medical imaging equipment and preparing them for further processing and analysis.

Sophisticated Medical Image Processing & Analysis

In many cases, our clients’ researchers have developed image analytics using tools such as R, MatLab, or LabView. Syncro Medical provides the expertise to translate such code to C#/ .NET or other platforms to be more suitable for commercial use. Once converted, the code is now scalable, supportable, and optimized for performance.

Display & Management of High-Resolution Images

Syncro Medical is skilled at developing sophisticated User Interfaces for medical professionals. For diagnostic applications, we’ve developed review stations used to study and manipulate images in order to make diagnostic assessments. We’ve also developed applications for real-time display and manipulation of images during surgical procedures.

Workflow Management

For more complex medical image processing systems, a workflow management subsystem is required to allocate work to reviewers, manage efficient flow of data between storage media and the review station, and track the progress of cases through the system. Having implemented workflow systems for a variety of imaging systems, Syncro Medical will assess your unique workflow requirements and design and implement a custom solution for your needs.

Over our many years in the business, manufacturers of imaging systems have placed their confidence in Syncro Medical for critical components of their products. Our clients view us as the go-to resource for development of medical imaging software.

Why do these companies trust Syncro Medical? It’s because of our exceptional staff, and our extensive experience in virtually every aspect of medical imaging.