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Four Tips for Writing Highly Effective Medical Software Requirements

Reading Time: 4 minutes All software requirements are not created equal. I’m not referring to the form or content of the requirements, but to their quality. If you are reading this blog for the key take-away, I recommend you read the following closely, the effect of requirement quality on a software development project can be profound, especially when it comes to medical software development. 

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Developing Medical Devices using Windows 10 IoT Core

Reading Time: 4 minutes So you want Internet connectivity for your medical device? Years ago, medical devices and instruments were solitary things. They were self-contained and did their job. Maybe they displayed some real-time data or results to the user, and then were powered down. But over time, various levels of connectivity were introduced and eventually became a required feature for medical systems. I’ve

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Is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the Right Direction for Your Medical Device?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bluetooth.  It’s named after Harald Bluetooth, the tenth-century king of Denmark who united the many bands of Vikings into a unified kingdom.  Today, Bluetooth technology is banding together multitudes of disparate devices so that they can talk to one another. It’s a technology that has become even more ubiquitous with the advent of Bluetooth Low-energy or BLE.  This is because

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