Understanding IoT-MD (Internet of Things for Medical Devices)

Understanding IoT-MD (Internet of Things for Medical Devices)

IoT-MD, IoMT, or IOT Medical Devices – a wide-open landscape

The medical device community has coined the interchangeable terms IoT-MD (Internet of Things for Medical Devices), IoT Medical Devices, and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things).

Standard communication and computing devices, such as laptops and phones, have been Internet-connected for years. IoT refers to all other devices, or “things” – TVs, thermostats, cars, refrigerators, toys – the list goes on. But when the connected device is used in the medical world, it falls under IoT-Medical Devices.

One popular definition includes “…a network of sensors, actuators, and other mobile communication devices used in concert with medical devices to improve patient care.”   While it is unique in that it influences patient care, IoT-MD nevertheless fits within the definition of the much larger world of IoT.   At Syncro Medical, we have been developing software for products that live in the IoT space since long before the term existed.

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