CERTIFIED: ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | ISO 27001
CERTIFIED: ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | ISO 27001

Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging System


Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging System

Syncro Medical has worked with this client for over a decade, developing successive generations of their diagnostic device used for an interventional cardiac procedure.

Originally, this client came to us with a common problem- They needed to accelerate the development of their next-generation product line to respond to market factors.

In response, we quickly assembled our team of experts to create the software archi­tecture and design the user experience for a completely new system. The work included real-time data acquisition, high-performance image processing and rendering, and DICOM archiving and viewing. Our QA team worked closely with the client's QA team to test sprint changes, write verification test cases, and execute formal verification.

The project was completed on time, and due in part to the quality of the software and documentation, received prompt regulatory approval.

For the latest generation we converted from a Windows®-based system to an easy to use, tablet-based platform that seamlessly integrates with the core technology.

Because of the success of the initial project, this client has retained Syncro Medical to support all their software needs.


Companion App for Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging System

Our client wanted to create a training application to be used by doctors and nurses to train on interpreting images and anticipating other conditions that arise during procedures using their intravascular ultrasound imaging system.

Syncro Medical worked closely with the client to design an iOS application that replicated the user interface, workflow and other features of the actual device.

The iPad-based training app is now used widely by cardiac specialists to train on use of the system, and to refine their ability to interpret images generated by the system.