CERTIFIED: ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | ISO 27001
CERTIFIED: ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | ISO 27001
Early Stage Support for Diagnostic Instrument

Next-gen DNA Sequencing

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An early-stage biotechnology company came to Syncro Medical with a project in need of immediate rescue. The Alpha software developed by their current vendor lacked key features, couldn’t support sequencing, and crashed frequently. The current vendor had oversold their capabilities; this was further complicated by poor communications and missed expectations as the work was largely done off-shore.

The clock was ticking, as there was little time left on the investors’ deadline for a functional proof-of-concept. Syncro Medical mobilized immediately, presenting a plan to re-write the Alpha software. The project involved writing drivers to interface with the hardware, and developing a simple but functional engineering UI to facilitate operation and demonstration of the intended use.

Using Syncro’s Agile process, the client was able to see progress on a regular basis, allowing for rapid modification as needed at every step along the way.

Syncro completed the Alpha re-write in time for the investor deadline. Because our client could successfully demonstrate the proof-of-concept, they received significant additional funding and have now engaged Syncro to commercialize the system.