Rescue Projects – What are the 3 Most Common Causes?

Rescue Projects – What are the 3 Most Common Causes?

… and How to Avoid Them in the First Place

Most of our client projects have a positive start:

    • A company is about to develop an innovative new medical product, or perhaps is planning to enhance or upgrade an existing product line.
    • Syncro Medical has been engaged early in the process to help with project planning as well as architecture and design.
    • The program is well planned, and the key stakeholders feel enthusiastic and firmly in control.

However, other projects come to us with less positivity.  These are referred to as “Rescue Projects”.  There is a wide range of causes, but the symptoms are quite common:

    • The current deliverable is inadequate. The software doesn’t function as expected.  Features are missing/ incomplete. The design won’t sustain product needs and expectations.
    • The project is now late. Key milestones have been missed, customer delivery commitments are in jeopardy, and the competition is about to take a leap ahead.
    • The development budget is compromised … a new infusion of funds may be needed to right the ship.

While we prefer projects with a positive start (who wouldn’t?), Syncro Medical has successfully taken on many Rescue Projects.  With an eye toward how to avoid getting into these situations in the first place, I’ll discuss the three most common causes of Rescue Projects based on what we’ve encountered during our many years in this business.  And I’ll conclude with a summary of how we approach a Rescue Effort in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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